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Tulsa Remote


Tulsa Remote is a unique recruitment initiative aimed at attracting talented individuals to Tulsa. The program brings remote workers to the community by providing $10,000 grants and numerous community-building opportunities.

Employment requirements

Full-Time Remote Employment or are Self-Employed Outside of Oklahoma.

Tax Information

For the 2019 tax year, Oklahoma's top income tax rate is 5%. That puts Oklahoma's top income tax rate in the bottom half of all states. The Sooner State's property taxes are also below average, with an average effective rate of 0.90%, 24th-lowest in the U.S.

Income requirements

No requirement

Detailed Information

To apply for the Tulsa Remote you need to consider the following requirements.

  • Incentive: $10.000

  • Homecost: $118,700

  • Costs: $0

  • Income: No requirement

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