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Digital Nomad Visa

Smart Visa

Visa Information

Smart Visa is a new type of visa specially designed to attract highly skilled manpower, investors, executives and startups entrepreneurs wishing to work or invest in the following targeted industries in the Kingdom of Thailand. Smart Visa holders will be granted maximum 4-year permission to stay, exemption from the work permit requirement and entitled to additional privileges.

Employment requirements

You can apply for a Smart Visa but must specify that you were assigned to work in Thailand through a ‘Service agreement’ or a trade agreement between foreign companies and organizations in Thailand. The company must receive an endorsement in the targeted industry located in Thailand, in which foreigners come for work. In addition, you must also have an employment contract or employment certificate between the foreign company with an authorized signature included.

School Information

Kids may attend international schools.

Income requirements


Covid Travel Info

Current Travel Restriction: On 29 June 2020, the Government of Thailand has extended the Emergency Decrees to 31 July 2020 and allows 11 groups to enter Thailand including - more information here:

  • Active Cases: 124540

  • Today Cases: 11975

  • One Case/People: 45

Detailed Information

To apply for the Smart Visa you need to consider the following requirements.

  • Insurance: Health and/or travel insurance

  • Duration: Max. 4-years

  • Costs: $67

  • Income: $3350

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