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Digital Nomad Visa

Work in Iceland

Visa Information

The world of work is changing fast. Iceland has just rolled out its long-term visa for those who have flexibility and location independence with their work. Experience more of Iceland with a stay of up to 180 days!

Employment requirements

The purpose of stay is to work remotely from Iceland for a foreign company.

School Information

No Information

Income requirements

1,000,000 ISK/ month

Covid Travel Info

Current Travel Restriction: Passengers arriving in Iceland on and after 19 August 2020 may choose either to submit to two screening tests for COVID-19, separated by five days’ quarantine until the results of the second test are known, or else not to undergo border screening but instead to spend 14 days in quarantine after arrival. Children born in or after 2005 are exempt from the screening and quarantine requirements, and the same exemption applies to persons who have been certified by the Icelandic health authorities, following a PCR test, as having previously been infected with COVID-19 and have completed a period of isolation, or if they have been shown by antibody measurements to have recovered from COVID-19. Transit passsengers who do not leave the terminal facilities at the border are not required to undergo screening or quarantine.

  • Active Cases: 348

  • Today Cases: 0

  • One Case/People: 30

Detailed Information

To apply for the Work in Iceland you need to consider the following requirements.

  • Insurance: Health Insurance

  • Duration: 12 months

  • Costs: 82$

  • Income: 1,000,000 ISK/ month

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