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🇧🇲 Bermuda

Digital Nomad Visa

Work from Bermuda

Visa Information

Work from Bermuda is for people who are currently employed and working from home or enrolled in tertiary education and studying remotely. Instead of working or studying remotely in your home country, you can work or study remotely from Bermuda. While working or studying remotely in Bermuda with this certificate, you will not be allowed to seek work with a local company.

Employment requirements

Demonstrate employment with a legitimate company or your own company registered and operating outside of Bermuda, in the case of a remote worker

School Information

Yes. They may attend public or private schools in Bermuda.

Income requirements

No requirement

Covid Travel Info

Current Travel Restriction: COVID-19 test

  • Active Cases: 1612

  • Today Cases: 0

  • One Case/People: 12

Detailed Information

To apply for the Work from Bermuda you need to consider the following requirements.

  • Insurance: Travel insurance

  • Duration: 1 year

  • Costs: $263

  • Income: No requirement

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