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Retirement Visa

Qualified Retired Person (QLP)

Visa Information

The Qualified Retirement Program (QRP) was created to facilitate eligible persons who have met the income requirements, to permanently live and retire and relax in Belize.

Employment requirements

Must be a beneficial recipient of a pension or annuity of USD $2,000 monthly or USD $24,000 annually from a source outside of Belize.

School Information

Can attend local school.

Income requirements


Covid Travel Info

Current Travel Restriction: All foreign tourists must provide proof of full COVID-19 immunization or if not they will be administered a rapid test of COVID-19.

  • Active Cases: 1951

  • Today Cases: 0

  • One Case/People: 21

Detailed Information

To apply for the Qualified Retired Person (QLP) you need to consider the following requirements.

  • Insurance: Health Insurance

  • Duration: Permanent

  • Costs: $1,350 ($150 application fee + $1,000 upon acceptance + $200 for card issuance)

  • Income: $2,000

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